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So what is organic? Organic food and ingredients are grown and produced naturally without harmful chemicals.

Organic food is grown in balanced, living soils, and organic farmers are committed to producing nutritious food without harmful intervention. It takes at least three years for a farm to become certified organic. Organic foods are produced the way nature intended, supporting natural health in the world that we live in.

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Growing food organically is a holistic way of production that considers the whole process.

For farmers, that includes the soil, livestock, waterways, workers and environment. Organic farmers use sustainable practices including crop rotation and composting to maintain soil productivity and promote nutrient-rich soil. Animals are treated to the highest welfare standards and rural workers and communities are treated fairly.

Be Sure That It’s Assured

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When choosing organic for your family, look for products that have been certified by an independent regulatory body. This means you can be certain that the food or ingredients have been produced in a way that meets strict organic standards. All Aotearoa Nutrients organic products are Certified Organic by AsureQuality. To find out more, visit them here.